Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Define your Problems as Goals

Define your Problems as Goals Your problems are those undesired things in your life which you want to get rid off as soon as possible. Its like those stones that keep coming in your path and try to knock u down, make u feel sad, pained and uncomfortable. Thinking about them makes you grow serious glum, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, angered unhappy, or thoughtful. Your mind either is focused on how difficult your life is with this problem and how by anyway possible you can get it done. Some of these problems already have a solution. You know the solution but u r too lazy and unwilling, or incapable of taking those actions. Sometimes how ever you cannot solve it on your own and need outside help. Whether or not your solution is clear to you, you are always clear about one thing. What you want? What needs to be done? where you want to see yourself past that problem? And that beautiful happy, secure realization is called the GOAL. The end result. And to get there you must be willing to do all that is required, and that part is called the Acheivement. Problems can be visible. Anyone can see them.. they are as clear as the day. Problems can be invisible. No body other then you know about them. No one can even guess what eating you from inside... but none the less there is a serious problem, which you have been trying to fight / living with since the day it was conceived. But what ever those problems or hurdles are, its much easier to tackle them and get around them when you list them in terms of a goal. So if your problem is He doesn’t want to marry me... Your focus should be on how to convince him to marry you. “Convince him to marry you” then becomes your goal and “How” is the way you and solutions and options and possibilities you will need to work on in order to reach that Goal. My acne is so bad. Its a huge problem Even though its a true observation... it does little to get you to solve it. So your focus should be on How can I get rid of it; where “How “would be the WAY and “Get rid of Acne” would be your GOAL and the more you could focus on the two... the less your acne will remain a problem for u. Use this trick to all your problems, and problems will not be a problem any more.

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